Seated with a right sitting posture such as a right angle shoulder and back can help a person feel more confident as well as improve their physical wellbeing.

Many people sit for most of their day, whether commuting, working at a workplace or studying, or sitting at home. Sitting for lengthy periods can have a variety of negative health consequences, including poor posture and back problems.

In this article, we’ll look at what excellent posture is and how to acquire it, especially when using a computer.

Adopting the proper posture Maintaining excellent balance as well as a stable back and spine requires proper posture. The following information will help most people improve their sitting posture:-

Right Sitting Posture

Choosing the Best Seat The essential portions of a person’s body are aligned appropriately and strengthened by the appropriate amount of muscular tension in their posture. A person’s posture and seating position can be improved by doing the following:

  • Keeping a little space between both the backside of the knees as well as the chair placing knees at the very same height or substantially smaller than the hips keeping feet level or resting them on the floor or even a footrest 
  • Avoids crossing knees and ankles maintaining a bit of a gap between both the backside of the thighs and also the chair
  • Relax the shoulders by putting your ankles in front of your knees, keeping your arms and shoulders and knees adjacent to the floor as much as possible, and holding your elbows at the sides to form an L-shape in your arms. Sit up straight and look forward without straining your neck.

According to Cornell University’s ergonomics team, sitting for more than 20 minutes has harmful consequences for your health, along with a rise in musculoskeletal issues including back and neck pain. To counteract these detrimental consequences, they propose moving often, following the 20/20 rule: 20 seconds away from such a comfortable chair every 20 minutes. To put it another way, you should strive to stand or exercise every twenty minutes.

Tips for RIGHT SITTING POSTURE for a Healthy Lifestyle

Explore the different tips for the Right Sitting Posture for a Healthy Lifestyle are mentioned below:-  

  • Frequently change your seating position.
  • Walk around the workstation for a few minutes.
  • Flex your muscles gently now and then to ease muscle tension.
  • Put both feet firmly on the ground, with the ankles next to your knees, and don’t cross your legs.
  • Make sure your feet are on the floor or use a footrest if that isn’t possible.
  • Your shoulders must not be arched or dragged backward; they should be relaxed.
  • These must be bent at a 90-120 degree angle.
  • Check to see if your back is properly supported.
  • Check to see if t, as well as hips,l as hips are properly supported.

Benefits from Right Sitting Posture

Some of the benefits of the Right Sitting Posture are mentioned below:- 

  • Low-back discomfort is lessened.
  • Maintains the normal alignment of bones and joints, allowing muscles to function properly.
  • Reduces joint wear and strain (including on the knees) to help avoid the onset of osteoarthritis.
  • Reduces the amount of stress on the spine’s ligaments.
  • Prevents your backbone from becoming stuck in undesirable positions.
  • Reduces fatigue by allowing the body to utilize less energy since muscles are utilized more efficiently.
  • Backache and muscle soreness can be avoided by using this supplement.


Furthermore, many people spend a lot of time sitting. Sitting wrongly, particularly at a table, can be detrimental to one’s spinal health and posture. Even so, simply correcting your posture could do a lot of room for improvement in your health. Putting money into some ergonomically designed goods plus practicing to sit properly will help reduce muscle and bone wear and tear.

Most people may acquire how to identify and obtain good posture by understanding what a right sitting posture looks like and implementing a few easy principles. Additional lifestyle adjustments, such as performing a variety of activities and having activity intervals during the day, might also be beneficial.

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